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Re: Double messages

Michael A. Peters wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
The way to send every message I get to another person is done in the Tools -> Message Filters GUI system. I can't send pictures because they are removed by the Fedora list. So I words here is what you do.

On message filters select the Fedora filter and as it is now it saves every message from the list to a directory on Thunderbird. Now add a second line by clicking on +. On this second line switch until you select "Forward to" and then you put the email address of who you want to bother.

   Save and it is done.


Easier to do with procmail. If someone is doing what you suggest, that's my guess.
Easy to block with spamassassin or procmail.

Agree but if it is right now the message he sends will arrive in Trash :-)


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