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Re: Please send

> >
>     I have a gmail account too. I will see if it is possible to get that
> turned off. In the meantime if you could get to the Fedora people and
> stop forwarding Fedora list to that address it might be easier.
> Karl
> --
>         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI

That would address Fedora messages, but not other messages sent to
that email address (your own came back to you so they are likely
forwarding all messages and may have that address subscribed to other

I searched for that gmail account using various search engines
(http://www.intelways.com/ is a very useful tool to run the same query
through various search engines one at a time) with no luck.  So does
not appear to be an address that someone was previously using.  All
the more reason to suggest that it was created for that purpose alone.
 And probably recently created so Google will no doubt have IPs.

Jacques B.

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