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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

David Boles wrote:
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John Summerfield wrote:
| David Boles wrote:
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|> John Summerfield wrote:
|> | Timothy Murphy wrote:
|> |> Ed Landaveri wrote:
|> |>
|> |>> If your computer has no DVD drive and you need to do
|> |>> an installation, do a FTP or NFS install. It'll be
|> |>> faster & cleaner.
|> |>
|> |> An alternative is to use the KDE Live CD,
|> |> install that, and use "yum groupinstall"
|> |> to install anything more one wants.
|> |>
|> |
|> |
|> | Neither helps me give a copy to my mate.
|> | Neither helps install sans network; I've just tried Ubuntu jeos and,
|> | despite being on a CD, it wants to download more stuff from the
|> | Internet. Yuck and <plonk>.
|> |
|> | The CD-sized images in a DVD solves problems that other techniques
|> do not.
|> |
|> | Really, the question is, "Why not?"
|> I am not with Fedora and can not answer your "Why not?". But I would
|> guess
|> it is drive space, plus mirror complaints, and no time.  ;-)
| If you'd read the whole thread, you'd know disk space isn't an issue.
| There are no separate CD images.

Gee I was referring to the mirrors that are doing this for free. Not your

As am I.

drive space. Ta' know downloading, storing, keeping duplicate packages,
stuff like that. All for free I said again.

Maybe you should read the thread.

|> The only place that I know of for Fedora CD's is here.
|> Fedora Unity
|> http://spins.fedoraunity.org/
|> This site uses jigdo and (I have not done this but I would bet it would
|> work) jigdo would read *your* DVD, download the updated packages, and
|> make
|> the CD's from the updates and the unchanged packages from your DVD. These
|> CDs, should this work, would be up-to-date as of Dec 18, 2007.
|> I have done a DVD to DVD update and jigdo works quite well.
| I've been using (and recommending) Jigdo for years. I don't recall
| seeing official Fedora jigdoes around.

There are no official Fedora CD sets for Fedora 8, that I know of,
available. I would trust the ones from the site I recommended. Did you
actually read the pages?

I know about jigdo, I've been using it and recommending it for years. If there are no official CD images, it's not going to help reconstruct them.

The jigdo uses *your* already official downloaded Fedora DVD packages and
downloads *official* updated packages from *official* Fedora mirrors to
replace the old ones. And then makes new iso(s). These are not *trust me*
isos by some third party.

My proposal would have official CD sets and official DVD sets in (about) the same disk space as required for just DVD sets. Same at Fedora'a sites, same as at the mirrors.

_I_ don't care so much about _MY_ disk space, I'll just go get another, bigger, drive. or delete something.

My proposal would have no fiddling with jigdo. Fiddling with jigdo just adds to the complications.



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