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Re: Please send

> What if someone  used a proxy website to create the account?
>  They can do it as many times as they want. Right?
> This has the potential to be a real headache to Karl regardless of whether
> he's on the fedora list or not.
> ~af

That is certainly a possibility, and you are correct that they could
do this multiple times.  The person may not realize the full extent of
their actions.  It's not just being mischievous, a pain in the ass, or
a breach of terms of service.  It's illegal.  That person has to ask
if their differences with Karl is worth crossing that line and
committing a criminal act.  If the answer is yes, they have a real
issue.  For most people crossing that line into criminal behaviour
would require a lot more than a simple annoyance.  For most it would
require protecting one's self or one's family.

If this becomes a recurring problem then Fedora list may have to
change the way it does business by masking the identity of the
sender's email address (something as simple as creating a user account
where the user would be assigned a numerical value that would be
displayed with postings in order to track back abuse).

Jacques B.

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