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Re: [F8] Seems I lost my network connection...

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

Ok, the steps worked and the modprobe -l showed
exactly the right module.

The problem is, restarting netowrk did not bring it back.

I noticed the logs however and I see this:

kernel: IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver
kernel: sit0: Disabled Privacy Extensions
kernel: Attansic(R) l2 Ethernet Network Driver - version
kernel: Copyright (c) 2006 Attansic Corporation
kernel: net eth1: device rename sysfs_create_symlink failed (-17)
udev:   renamed network interface eth1 to eth0
kernel: net eth0: device rename sysfs_create_symlink failed (-17)
kernel: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready
avahi-daemon: Joining mDNS mulitcast group on interface eth0.IPv4 with address:
avahi-daemon: New relevant interface eth0.IPv4 for mDNS
avahi-daemon: Registering new address record for eth0.IPv4 for mDNS

Hummm....never seen these types of messages....

One thing you could try is running "system-config-network" and deleting/recreating the configuration.

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