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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

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Todd Zullinger wrote:
| David Boles wrote:
|> The specific person mentioned has no DVD drive to read a DVD of any
|> kind nor does he have Internet access of any kind. So what now?
| I didn't know the premise was about the mythical man with no internet.
| For folks without net access or a dvd to boot from, I'd probably give
| them a USB key that had the dvd iso on it.  From that, they could
| extract the boot.iso, boot from that and install from the dvd iso on
| the usb key.

The comment, which I might have misunderstood, mentioned a 'mate' that did
not have a DVD drive or Internet access. I was of the impression that this
was a real person not a 'mythical man'. I re ember the complaints when the
CD isos went from 650 to 700. 'It won't fit on my disks'. Now it appears
that some, many?, do not have DVD drives.

| That's just one of many ways such a problem could be handled.  But I
| don't happen to know anyone in such a pickle, so I don't have much
| preference about how they solve their problem. :)

There is always a way to solve a problem with Linux.  ;-)

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~  David

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