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Re: Double messages

On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 12:27 -0800, lwaynej wrote:
> It has been some years since I studied this. I thought there was a way
> for an email client to uniquely identify messages in order resolve
> this issue but I can't remember what is was. 

The "Message-ID" header.  Each unique message has a unique ID,
duplicates will not.  Duplicates *should* be killable with inpunity.
However, it's not completely impossible for a random ID to non-unique,
even if highly improbable.  Though, if you have other headers that are
the same, then it's very very likely that it's a duplicate message.

There are mail clients with built-in, or add-on, functions to kill
duplicates.  They'll do the job not caring if the duplicate is because
the original poster sent twice, a mail server resent a message it
thought didn't pass through, or a mail client downloaded the same
message more than once.

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