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Re: F key mapping and added X session

On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 08:46 -0800, Barry Yu wrote:
> I started F8 as regular user and login desktop, then I opened the
> terminal and su - root,  then started a new X session by issuing
> command : startx - - :1, new X session came active, then I press Ctrl
> +Alt+F7 to go back to the first X session opened by regular user who
> started the F8, no problem at all. But when I wanted to change back to
> the new added X session which opened by root, I could only use key
> combination Ctrl+Alt+F9; I found that X Window 0 is mapped to F7, X
> Window 1 is mapped to F9 and not F8 nor F10/F11/F12.  My question is
> when start adding a new X window session, should the relative F key
> mapping starts from F8? Or I missed something as I described on above?

For curisosity's sake, do you use RHGB?  And if you do, but boot up
without it for a change, does this still happen?  I notice that RHGB
starts up on a different terminal screen than you get from ALT F7.
Perhaps it hasn't fully let go.

[tim bigblack ~]$ uname -ipr i686 i386

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