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Re: Fwd: ports

tony chamberlain lemko com wrote:
 p.s. yes I did send this to tomcat users, but somehow that
 address got marked as "spam" and it bounced.

We used to run tomcat on port 8080 (I think this is default).
We switched to port 80 (default http port) because some
customers blocked port 8080.

As I do:-) [1]

Now dome pages/scripts still look for port 8080 and no longer
get Tomcat.

Is there anyway to forward or redirect from 8080 to 80 so
if someone goes to

they will get Tomcat, BUT Also if they
go to


it will still work, and they will get the same Tomcat?

I would use iptables as proposed by Tim. As a user I don't like http redirects. There are various things you can do in Apache, but the iptables solution is pretty straightforward.

It still doesn't cater for those clients who block port 8080 though.

[1] I also block facebook, myspace, *chat*, *teen*, and anything else the kids like.



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