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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

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John Summerfield wrote:
| David Boles wrote:
| Not so. One DVD, structured differently.
| My plan is to discuss it here, then take it to the Anaconda list.

It appears that you and I, there were several single posts by others, are
the only ones discussing this so you might fair better on the Anaconda
list. I most certainly can not write this and I don't have any objection
to this if they can make it work. Why would I?

| Look me up at googlism.com Some (but not all) references are to me.
| My proposal has nothing to do with the desirability of the live CD;
| sometimes that might be acceptable, sometimes not. My mate William runs
| Linux, just not Fedora. If he wanted it at all, he'd want the lot.

By the "want the lot" do you mean everything? That takes either 3 DVDs or
2 DL DVDs or 17 CDs.   ;-)  Fedora Unity has that but I don't think that
they are bootable. And they do not contain the many updates amde since

Simple DVD+R burners can be had for less than $30.00 USD. DVD readers for
less than $20.00 USD. You used the term 'mate' So I gather that you are in
Australia or England? The currencies are close in value between Australia
and the US so it would only be slightly more in Australia dollars. Just
about the same price in English Pounds. Provided, of course, that the
units are valued the same.

Since DVDs have been around for a little over ten years perhaps your
friend should consider a hardware upgrade?

- --

~  David

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