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Re: Double messages

Andrew Kelly wrote:
On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 18:11 +0100, François Patte wrote:
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Karl Larsen a écrit :


It is time to have a moderator on this list....

Yes and no. I think it would be much more productive to simply create an
additional, moderated list. The indefatigably unteachable can stay and
post to themselves in an impure manner, while those with a second brain
cell can enjoy a proper signal to noise ratio.


A moderated list would put the burden on a few individuals to decide what comments are worthy of posting and what messages are not fit for posting on the list. It would waste someone's time.

Usually hold off on posting feedback that is specific to one person and insulting to the person directly instead of the list would reduce traffic.


It's not pretty.
It's not ugly.
But it's pretty ugly.

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