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Re: OT: unathorized network user.

Jimmy Bradley wrote:
       I live in an apartment complex, and I have a wireless network
that most of the time, I run encrypted. For some reason, in order for my
Linux machines to see my one remaining windows machine, I have to turn
off the encryption. Not long after I turn the encryption off, there is
some one who lives near me, whose machine gets on my network.
        Now,get this, apparently the machine is setup to share the whole
hard drive,because I can see all the folders on the hard drive. By the
way, it's an 80gig hard drive. I have written and saved text files to
the machine's desktop, asking the person to stay off my network, but
they continue to get on my network. The last text message I saved to the
person's desktop was a message saying that they have ignored all my
warnings, so they leave me no choice but to fill up their hard drive.
So far, I have filled their hard drive about halfway up, and they still
get on my network. I haven't saved any malicious files to their machine.
It's mostly been Linux distro iso's and video(no porn)and audio files
that I know they won't like. Just nice big files.
        This person has to be clueless as to what is going on. You'd
think they would've noticed something by now.
        My question is, does anyone have any other ideas as to handle
this problem? I mean, I don't want to fill this person's hard drive up,
but if I have to, I will.

And the odds are good that if you do that, and the owner identifies you as the one who's done that, that you yourself might spend time in custody; that would be the case in Australia, and it's most likely the case in USA.

It seems the owner of the offending computer is fairly harmless (and I know someone who's used someone else's Internet w/o knowing it), but if BigSpammer uses your wireless for a time, it's you who will carry the blame. And if BigSpammer happens to be promoting Holy Jihad[1], _you_ can look to some time in Camp X-ray.

[1] I know that not all interpretations of Jihad have anything to do with terrorism, but try to tell that to the current Administration.

Find me with those who suggest you fix your network. At least, blacklist his MAC. It's not much protection, but it will stop the ignorant.



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