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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

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John Summerfield wrote:

| Umm. For the moment I'm considering one DVD image. My generosity might
| founder at the thought of 17 CDs"-)

The 'everything' that they made, that I wrote of, is the 'everything'
directory on the servers. It contains the original packages set for Fedora
8. It does *not* contain any of the updates released since the original
release of Fedora 8. It takes 5 CDs to duplicate the actual contents of
the DVD that was released. Again there are no 'official' Fedora 8 CD sets.
But using their jigdo templates these Fedora-Unity CDs and the
Fedora-Unity DVD do contain the updates with the unchanged packages taken
from your source DVD.

| For a reason I don't comprehend, the US economy founders, and our dollar
| depreciates against the greenback. US interest rates are in freefall,
| ours going up to counter inflation.

I don't understand it either. I wonder if anyone does.

| Whether he should or not hasn't much to do with the point.

No I agree that it does not. It could, however, make his life a little
easier.  ;-)

- --

~  David
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