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RE: Firewire ethernet on FC8

Pity about that is the mc I'm using is a laptop- so a couple of cheap nics is exactly possible... Good idea though.

Whats the eta on the porting then? And I think this ? has been asked before, but why was this support removed from fedora for the past 2 releases? I can get this support on freebsd so I thought it would be there for fedora, hence why I looked into it as a solution. It seems improbable that fedora would remove something that was previously available.

> Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:12:34 -0500
> From: fenlason redhat com
> To: fedora-list redhat com
> CC: rock_on_the_web hotmail com
> Subject: Re: Firewire ethernet on FC8
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 06:55:48AM +0000, Da Rock wrote:
>> I've been dredging the google all day for an answer on this, and it
>> seems noone has conquered this.
>> As I understand it, the firewire support for FC7 onwards has
>> changed, and all the howto's cover the old methods of using eth1394.
>> Can anyone tell me the new way of doing this?
>> All I want to do is hookup 2 mc's using the firewire cards - one FC8
>> and a WinXP box.
> I have not yet finished porting eth1394 to the new stack.  And given
> how quickly my test boxes fall over when I use eth1394 and the old
> stack, I really don't recommend it.
> For now I'd recommend a pair of cheap ethernet cards and a crossover
> cable.  If you use gigabit cards, you'll get higher throughput than
> FireWire can deliver, too.
> 			-- JF

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