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Re: nfs export a partition mounted via samba?

Dave Burns wrote:
One of our users has a NAS or lan disk that he wants to make available
(read only) to a number of people in our office. The disk's interface
with the world is samba. Our shop uses NFS. How possible/suicidal
would it be to try to mount this disk on a linux box via samba, then
export it again via NFS? Would it work at all, be ridiculously slow,
or bring Armageddon?

It should work if the export is read-only *everywhere*. If someone has write access to the underlying share, and writes to it while NFS clients have it mounted indirectly, Bad Things will happen, since Samba and NFS know nothing about each other's locking mechanisms. Performance may or may not be good, depending on how you're using it.

I've googled around, but I haven't discovered the right search terms
to separate people who are comparing the two from the loonies like me
who want to piggyback them. Or maybe I am the only one nutty enough to
have even considered this (as if each weren't flakey enough on their

Plenty of people have tried this, but very few carry it through to completion to write it up. Most of them decide the inflexibility of the configuration is more of a pain than just setting up cifs (which is much better than the old smbfs) on the end clients.

	-- Chris

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