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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

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John Aldrich wrote:
| I think some folks have lost sight of what the OP was suggesting -- a
| DVD made up of multiple CD images, which could be used to install as a
DVD or
| loop-mount the DVD image and copy the individual CD images out. Apparently
| that's what the first Fedora DVDs were... a collection of CD images, or so
| someone here said.
| IF that were the case, I don't know why Fedora decided to drop that
model in
| favor of a "real" DVD image, but that does make it difficult for people
| myself) who do not have a "bootable" DVD drive. I've got a DVD drive,
but for
| some strange reason I can't seem to boot off it. Whether that's a BIOS
| or what, I don't know. I don't particularly care, either. It does not
| to me whether I boot off a "boot cd" and then install from the DVD or
from a
| collection of CDs. I just need something that my system will boot.
| Also, not all of us are made of money and can afford to go out and buy the
| latest and greatest motherboard/CPU combo and the latest and greatest DVD /
| CD burner, etc. Some of us have to make do for several years.
| Not trying to sound argumentative, but some folks on this list seem to
| that if you can't use a DVD, you should go out and buy all new hardware
| so you can install off the DVD. I just thought I'd point that out.

I have never seen a DVD that installed by using CD iso images. Do you
remember who said that existed? I'd like to see one.

The solution in your case appears to be to use the rescue CD as your boot
disk and when the menu comes up choose to install or to upgrade. Put the
DVD in the drive and point Anaconda there as the source by following the

That way you don't have to buy anything.  ;-)

- --

~  David
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