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Controlling HTTP & SMTP IP flow for 3 NIC's

A little background first..I run 2 servers, mail and web. The mail server is down for hardware problems. I'm running both email and web on one server. The web server has 3 network interfaces 1 for public email, 1 for public web, and 1 for private network. I use 3 cards because the router I connect to the internet won't recognize multiple IP's for a single hardware MAC.

The problem is, that my email messages seem to be going out the web network interface. This is typically not a problem except for the reverse DNS lookup fails which at least one domain (Comcast.Net) rejects.

My question therefore is, how can I route my sendmail traffic to go out the correct ethernet interface? I'm sure I'll need to do the same for the web traffic so web site spoofing alarms are triggered.

I have told sendmail to listen to the correct interfaces, but that apparently doesn't mean only write to those interfaces. I don't see how to control this by setting up my routes and I can only really think of ways to block it in IPtables, not re-route it.

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