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Re: OT: unathorized network user.

On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 04:21:32 -0600,
  Jimmy Bradley <bmobile40 bellsouth net> wrote:
> many pc's, and I've filled up many a hard drive on them. I just don't
> see how you can damage some one's machine by saving files to their hard
> drive, unless the files are infected with viruses or some other
> malicious code, and that was just not the case here. All some one would
> have to do to undo what I've done is to simply delete the files. 

No that isn't true. If the machine runs out of space in the middle of doing
a task things get can screwed up in ways that require a lot of effort to
recover from. Ideally all applications would fail gracefully when disk
space runs out, but that isn't how things are in the real world.

> Plus, being how the file transfer took place through my router, and not
> my isp, and the fact that they have their hard drive wide open to
> anyone, I don't see how it would be traceable.

That's also a bad assumption. Its possible his system is logging information
about the network he was connecting to, such as mac addresses. If you have
let your hardware use the default mac addresses, then those addresses from
your hardware could be matched against the logs. Since the network would
very likely be from someone close by it isn't inconceivable that you could
be suspected and have a subpoena served requiring you to provide the mac
addresses from your hardware.

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