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Re: Controlling HTTP & SMTP IP flow for 3 NIC's

Les Mikesell wrote:
Tim Alberts wrote:

I have told sendmail to listen to the correct interfaces, but that apparently doesn't mean only write to those interfaces. I don't see how to control this by setting up my routes and I can only really think of ways to block it in IPtables, not re-route it.

You probably used the DaemonPortOptions entry in sendmail.mc to control the listening side. Do the same with ClientPortOptions for outbound connections.

Boy it sure sounded like a solution. This may guarantee that sendmail sends on the specified IP interfaces. However I think the underlying linux routing is still the problem because the problem hasn't gone away.

Routing shouldn't affect a source IP. What does tcpdump say is being used? Linux does do some strange stuff with addresses on the same machine though so anything is possible here.

tcpdump shows everything going via the web IP (eth0). I see nothing going out the smpt IP (eth2).

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