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Re: KDE logout/shutdown problem

   I've also had this annoying problem lately.  I hope someone comes up with either a fix or workaround for this problem soon.  Before this particular issue, I had problems after an update with KDE crashing on Logout due to the home directory being NFSed.  Luckily, someone here told me about a work around by mounting the NFSed directories via auotmount instead of including them in /etc/fstabs.  I'm begining to be very wary of installing updates now, especially considering a few months ago everything was working just fine on my systems.  After installing a few updates, I've got problem after problem...ugh!

Regards, Tim Leger

On Jan 21, 2008 6:57 PM, kwhiskerz <kwhiskerz gmail com> wrote:
Can we resuscitate the child so that it can live out it's life naturally?

So, what do we do now, to get it working properly?

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