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Re: Where is /dev/console in F8? --> iptables denial of nfs connection

--- Bob Kinney <bc98kinney yahoo com> wrote:

> It used to be under one of the ctrl-alt-Fx TTYs I thought.
> I'm trying to get iptables to log failures to troubleshoot some problems,
> and system-config-firewall wrote a config file that dumps kernel messages 
> to /dev/console.  I tried to 'echo foooo > /dev/console' and don't see it
> anywhere.  So where does the output go?
> --bobcat

OK, I figured out that xconsole will provide a console window, though I'm 
surprised that there isn't a default output for it.

So I turned on kernel message logging to the console via the rsyslog.conf file.
When I try to nfs mount to this machine, though, it times out unless I 
stop the iptables service.  When iptables is on I don't get any messages on the

console window, so I can't see the reason for the denial.  hmmph.

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