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Re: VMWare as a networking alternative

>I started an F8 guest OS in vmware running on a vista laptop.  It took
>forever to do anything on either.  If I were to load-up F8 on the laptop and
>virtualize XP, I suspect things would run much better.  I could go wired,
>but really prefer wireless.


Just a few guesses, you have a multi core system such as a dual core
chip with two gigs of ram or less?

There can be all kinds of problems with multi core chips.  The biggest
problem seems to be the chip timing.  Since the latest F8 kernels are
running with a clock speed of 1000Hz, running F8 as a client can
result in timing issues.  There are lots of articles on the VMware web
site about this issue.  There are too many possible solutions to list
here.  There will be two files that you will likely modify - the
config.ini in the VMware directory, and the .vmx file of the virtual
machine that you want to run.

Here is a sample link:

With the wireless question - Once you get the virtual machine guest
working correctly, using wireless through the host should not be a
problem.  You can configure a second network card when configuring
VMware, and the wireless card can be added at that time.

Hope this helps

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