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Re: PXEboot installation of Fedora-8?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
max wrote:

Has anyone successfully installed Fedora-8 by PXE?
I get the error
"Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml)
for repository anaconda-base-200711021053.i386".

Any suggestions or elucidation welcome.

Are you using cobbler?

I saw some mention of cobbler, but I didn't pursue it,
as I didn't see any clear description of what it did.

I spent some time - maybe 4 hours - trying to get PXEboot to work.
But I didn't succeed.
The nearest I got ended with the error above.

I was rather disappointed with PXEboot.
There didn't seem any recent documentation,
and much of the documentation there was seemed to me ambiguous,
or else it assumed knowledge I didn't have.
The PXEboot instructions in the Fedora-8 Installation Guide
seemed to me completely useless.
I wasn't convinced the person who wrote them
had ever actually tried what he was describing.

My client laptop, and the tftp server seemed to work perfectly -
it was after that, while actually trying to install Fedora-8,
that the problems arose.



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