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Re: First NIC appearing as eth10 instead of expected eth0

thomas62186218 aol com wrote:
Hi All,

I am running Fedora 8 32-bit with no updates (fresh install) on a server with a Tyan S5380 motherboard with the latest 2.00 BIOS. This motherboard has two Intel GbE ports on the motherboard.

Oddly, when I type ifconfig -a, these GbE ports appear as eth10 and eth11. There is no eth0. I've been around Linux for a few years and have never seen anything like this, so I'm stumped. Why would it not map these GbE ports as eth0 and eth1, as expected?

Any ideas on this?
No, but I have seen this behaviour on a virtual Debian system I have here. In my case, I attributed it without much thought to the fact I did not provide a MAC address, and I was running it directly with qemu-kvm and not through virt* (which provides a consistent one for each virtual machine).



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