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Re: Double messages

Karl Larsen wrote:
Bob Holtzman wrote:
On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Karl Larsen wrote:

To the others I'm sorry if I offended your ego. Without your help I would not have stumbled onto the method to see the whole message on Thunderbird or to have sent my email to abuse gmail com Without this help I might still be getting double messages. So thank you again and sorry if I was unclear about the problem.

I don't use Thunderbird but are you saying there are no help files?

There is a whole book of help that is not very helpful. Just for fun I looked and the most info is in the form of a FAQ. It isn't there. I find it is better to just poke around and try things. There are a lot of tabs I have never used. I figured I wanted to view the whole message. So looked at View which has 12 tabs. One is called Message_Source Cntrl-U. I hit that and up poped a large window with the selected messages header in it. That is exactly what I wanted.

Surprise, surprise :-)


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