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Re: OT: unathorized network user.

John Summerfield wrote:
Jacques B. wrote:

Don't be so touchy. Surely, if someone gave you bad advice you'd want to hear that is is bad. None of us is perfect.

What I find quite "interesting" was that this thread started out by the OP in an apartment complex wanting to keep one person off his network. I kind of doubt that he has military secrets or corporate information on his system such that anyone would make elaborate attempts to access his network.

He has got one person that seems rather clueless since he leaves his system wide open to be trashed...so he isn't a rocket scientist.

And everyone is running around spending hours and hours to educate the OP on how to build their version of a maximum security prison when all he needs is a simple pad lock on his door.

I've seen enough paranoia here to last a life time.

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