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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

On Wednesday 23 January 2008, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I didn't pursue the matter, as I didn't really want a re-spin.
> But the system seemed far from simple.
> I wanted something like "Give the following commands".

> As far as I can see, the purpose of the re-spin is to save time.
> So if it takes a long time to implement the re-spin
> it is hardly worth while.

Didn't we have a long thread on the jigdo command line a couple of weeks ago?  
Didn't rday do up a howto (which looks pretty complete)?

I was able to do it very quickly; running the actual command was very simple, 
and, if I hadn't been using my own local repository that I rsync daily, would 
have been very very easy to use.

The only confusion is the actual command output of jigdo-lite.  But once you 
realize that it isn't really finished every time it says it is (each 'jigsaw' 
component, apparently, has its own 'finished' message), and just wait until 
it checks the resulting ISO and returns to a prompt.  With a fast connection 
it won't take more than a couple of hours (in my case, fedoraunity.org's 
bandwidth is the limiting factor, since I've got 100Mb/s here).

Also, on my F8 laptop, the 'yum install jigdo' Just Worked; what repos do you 
have enabled?  I have only livna and PlanetCCRMA enabled outside the main 
Fedora repos.

If you're getting unresolved deps, typically that means a mirror sync is 
taking place and you need to try again later.  (Although, as a rant, this 
situation should not happen for maximum user comfort; I have found that it 
happens too often to be able to rely on being able to yum install with any 
reliability; that's part of the reason I rsync my own local repo).
Lamar Owen

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