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Mouse pointer locking up on A4tech scrollball mouse

I use these A4tech mice on both machines, but on the machine that I still use 
FC2 on, the mouse pointer locks up from time to time. Ctrl Alt Backspace 
won't release the pointer, nor will a reboot, only a complete shutdown. It 
appears that it's a problem with the mouse, and the power has to be 
completely removed from it, as in a complete shutdown.

This is on an old Gateway 500 machine, and a complete shutdown means just 
that. No power of any sort on the mobo.

Looking at the mouse problem, is there any way to completely disable the ps2 
port for the mouse, including removing power from the mouse, then re-enable 
the ps2 mouse port? I can still use the keyboard when this problem occurs.

No doubt if I physically unplugged the mouse it would work, but at the same 
time I risk damaging the mobo due to power spikes, and plugging it back in 
would create more spikes.

Please. No comments about using unsupported versions of Fedora. In many ways 
IO find that FC2 is better than F8.

Any comments on the mouse problem welcome.


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