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Re: OT: unathorized network user.

Craig White wrote:
On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 16:20 -0500, Jacques B. wrote:
On Jan 24, 2008 4:15 PM, Bazooka Joe <fastfish gmail com> wrote:
ahh, all true. But if we all ran open wireless networks then the cops
would know that this could be an open network and would handle it
differently.  Right now they assume one ip one person because people
like you keep it that way.

#1 - You will not get everybody to run open wireless APs.  Most people
recognize the insecurities and potential harmful consequences of that.

#2 - So you are suggesting we should make things more difficult for
police to track down pedophiles, people launching DDOS, spammers, etc?
 Make it yet more convenient for these people to further hide their
I suppose we could get into a deep philosophical discussion about how
our governments want us to be scared because it helps keep us under
control versus a free/open society where people are expected to behave
with respect. Let's not go down the path of pedophiles, mother rapers,
father rapers, terrorists, etc.

Ultimately, it has nothing to do with Fedora.

Your both right...I like Bazooka Joe's thinking. There are some
communities that have sought to create wireless zones for everyone.

Actually for once this is a moral/social issue with a possible
technical solution.  You can have an open network if the
infrastructure allows you to distinguish users.


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