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Samba problem on FC7

I use Ghost for imaging some Windows test machines. I store the images
on one of my Fedora machines and access them using NetBoot disk
(www.netbootdisk.com) connecting to a samba share. I've done this for a
long time, not a new process. 

Ever since I updated the machine to FC7 I can't connect to it from my
NetBoot Disk anymore. Actually, it can't connect to either of the
machines I updated to FC7. The old FC5 machine I have still works fine.
Since I've never been able to figure it out, my work around has been
connecting to the FC5 machine, which has the images mounted over NFS,
and accessing that way. The FC5 machine is pretty slow. I'd like to get
it working directly again.

If I try to use net use or net view to the FC7 machines I get the old
"Error 53: The computer name specified in the network path cannot be

**Nothing has changed with how I connect since it's in a script (batch

**Windows PCs still seem to be able to connect fine.

**I've compared the share settings between the FC5 and FC7 machines and
I can't find any differences except server name, share name, etc.

**FC5 samba version is 3.02315. FC7 is 3.02707

**both machines have iptables wide open. 

**I get no samba log on the FC7 machine for the IP address when I try to
connect. Logically that would lead you to think it's a problem with
NetBoot disk, but it's the same CD I've ALWAYS used. 

I think it has something to do with Samba not broadcasting itself, but
again, I've compared all the settings to the FC5 machine and I can't
find a difference. 

Anyone have any ideas?


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