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Re: F8: Firefox isn't shown when physical network interfaces are up.

Hi Mikkel

> > I've got an weird problem: When one of my physical interfaces are up, firefox
> > starts but seems not connecting to X, so it isn't shown.
> >
> > Any tip or way to debug this problem ?
> >
> If Firefox the only program that gives you problems when the
> interface is up? If so, have you tried giving it 2 minutes or so
> before giving up on it? If non-network programs also give you
> problems, then I would check your hostname before and after bringing
> up the interface, as well as the IP address it resolves to.
> If waiting eventually gets you Firefox, then I would suspect a DNS
> problem while Firefox is trying to check on updates for your
> extensions. The DNS timeout is normally about 90 seconds.

I've already tested DNS resolution with dig. But you give me a tip
to discover. The problem was that here at work we use a proxy,
which I had to add it at firefox configuration.
The bad thing is that I had to wait about 6 minutes to firefox be shown.

Thanks a lot for you answer
Lucas Brasilino

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