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Re: Creative USB Audigy sound card distorts (more info)

On Friday January 25 2008 8:56:00 am Claude Jones wrote:
> I've got a small Creative USB Audigy sound device connected to
> an ASUS laptop. (I could get the model # with difficulty as
> it's buried under the back of a very tight desk). If I boot
> into Vista, the sound is perfect. If I boot into F8 it comes
> out sounding harshly distorted and sounding as if its looped
> back on itself. Thinking it was pulse, I played with various
> settings but never got good sound. I just removed the two
> files alsa-plugins-pulseaudio and kde-settings-pulseaudio
> recommended in a separate thread, to disable pulse. I still
> have the exact same distorted echoing audio.
> Anyone else seen this?

The Audigy is an NX 2
At work, I connect to a Lexicon Omega USB sound box - it works 
perfectly - could I be trying to run the Audigy with Lexicon 
drivers? I've found references in other distros to forcing the 
Alsa drivers to reload each time I boot - the commands didn't 
apply to Fedora, however, and I ran out of time this am...

According to my Soundcard Detection GUI when booted at home, it's 
seeing the Audigy - at work, opening the same GUI shows it has 
detected my Lexicon

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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