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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

On Jan 25, 2008 10:14 AM, Jeroen van Meeuwen <kanarip kanarip com> wrote:
> Kicking in a little late here, has anyone given
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/JigdoRelease a thought? It
> eliminates the duplication one has with any .iso on the mirrors and also
> enables people who have less bandwidth to not download the same bits a
> multitude of times. Besides that you would be downloading from the
> mirrors closest to you.
> Comments preferably off-list as I only visit this list every once in a
> while.
> Thanks,
> Kind regards,

I would frankly like to see a cross-platform pyjigdo in gtk+ compiled
with py2exe for windows no less, and plain pyhon in rpms for linux.
And then push jigdo as the primary method of acquiring ISO. And then
save the mirrors from syncing entire ISOs any more.

Once that is working, we can move to having more jigdo templates than
we do now, eg. Fedora-Mini (random example) which creates the smallest
possible install ISO

Fedora 7 : sipping some of that moonshine
( www.pembo13.com )

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