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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

On Jan 25, 2008 4:58 PM, Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:

> > Way be when I first looked at downloading Debian, I had a similar
> > experience.  The difference was that I see no value in having to
> > download and install a special program that I'm going to only use once
> > to download one thing.  I already have ways of downloading files via
> > ftp, http, etc., why do I need to mess with this new program?
> Well... it does use http. The why would be for similar reasons people
> use torrent. Also like why you could use a telnet client to browse to
> view a web page via http, but you get a browser instead (bad example).

Exactly my point.  I already have a bunch of programs to download
files.  "Bob" is going to ask why he can't just use IE, Firefox,
uTorrent, <insert P2P app-o-the-week>.  Why do I need this "special"
download program that I've never heard of that I will only use to
download Fedora?  If Linux is that hard, why bother...

Personally, I can see where jigdo makes sense if you already have some
of the files downloaded, but the new user is going to be starting from

William Hooper

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