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Re: F8: Firefox isn't shown when physical network interfaces are up.


> >I've already tested DNS resolution with dig. But you give me a tip
> >to discover. The problem was that here at work we use a proxy,
> >which I had to add it at firefox configuration.
> >The bad thing is that I had to wait about 6 minutes to firefox be shown.
> It's not good, related to this, that when you have only a dsl link and not a
> lan, if for example DSL connection is down and you try to open firefox, it
> is unusable for minutes, especially if you saved a session with multiple
> labels pointing to different sites. Is it so difficult to have it show
> suddenly that the connection is not available and let work for example for
> local browsing or other things?
> Other browsers don't have this limitation...

I agree with you. Maybe it's an ancient behaviour, which no developer
devoted time to change it.
I gonna open a bugzilla ticket at mozila.org and see what they answer ;)

Lucas Brasilino

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