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Re: Reinstall GRUB?

Doctor Who wrote:

I can boot into Fedora via grub from another Linux install.  I assume
that will make things easier (making the edits from within Fedora
itself).  Can someone outline the steps to find out what the grub (and
fstab??) entries *should* be and the best (read Fedora-way) to change


If you know how the drive map changed, you can adjust by that. For example, if the original drive is BIOS drive 80 (Grub hd0) and Fedora was on BIOS drive 81 (Grub hd1), but when you added the new drive, it became BIOS drive 81 (Grub hd1) then the Fedora drive becomes BIOS drive 82 (Grub hd2). You can check the drives using either "fdisk -l" (It does not show labels) or "parted -l" that will display labels. If you have X, you can use gparted or one of the other GUI interfaces to get the information. Be aware that parted will scan all the devices, so it may take a little while before it displays anything. (It will check the floppies and USB drives as well as the SATA drives.)

From what you have said, it sounds like all the /dev/sdb? became /dev/sdc?. Also, all the Grub hd1 entries have become hd2. (hd1,0 becomes hd2,0). When you run grub-install, you are going to want to use the --recheck option, or edit the device.map file and add:
(hd2)     /dev/sdc

PS - I am probably not going to be here too often tonight and tomorrow, so if someone else can take over, it would speed things up.

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