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Re: Wireless pci cards known to work with current Fedora kernels

John W. Linville wrote:
On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 03:45:07PM -0600, Gerry Tool wrote:
I am looking for a pci format wireless card that is known to work "out
of the box" on current kernels.

I would prefer 802.llg, but would also consider 802.11b cards.

I don't care if it is a new model, I only care that I can obtain one
from somewhere for a reasonable price.

Unless you have some way to identify the chipset in use by a given
card, this is basically impossible.  Vendors are notorious for selling
vastly different hardware under the exact same name and model number.
And in some cases (e.g. Atheros chipsets) even knowing the PCI ID of
the card is insufficient to determine whether or not it is supported.

That said, I've used several Atheros-based (dlink and tp-link) cards, and not found one that does not work, but there is some (light) work to do - download and install the madwifi drivers.

At least one vendor labels the boxes to identify whether they contain Atheros or TI chips. AFAIK the TI-based cards are too light for bookends, and have no other use.

At least now you have a much better shot at getting lucky with any
given purchase than you did even a year ago.  So, buy from a reputable
retailer and be familiar with their return policy just in case...sorry!

Orinocco used to be good; I don't know about recent cards. I have an 11b pccard and all that's needed is to plug it in.



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