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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

William Hooper wrote:
On Jan 25, 2008 4:19 PM, Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
I have "Bob" the link to the fedora unity spins page
Bob was able to read the page
Bob was able to detect that though the page, he could get the CD ISOs
Bob was able to click the links and get to the message where he was
told abotu jigdo and given the jigdo file to download
Bob then concluded that jigdo was Linux only, so gave up as he was on Windows

Way be when I first looked at downloading Debian, I had a similar
experience.  The difference was that I see no value in having to
download and install a special program that I'm going to only use once
to download one thing.  I already have ways of downloading files via
ftp, http, etc., why do I need to mess with this new program?

At the time that lead me to Red Hat ISOs, because I didn't have to do
anything out of the ordinary to get them.

Nor did you ever need to with Debian. Jigdo is good when you can do one of these:
1. Refresh an ISO to a respin
2. Download most of the files from an advantageous mirror that does not carry the ISO. It might be from your own personal mirror. 3. Create different-sized ISOs from those you already have (see the subject line)

If you want CD or DVD ISOs and the size you want is on your best mirror, there is no point to jigdo.



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