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Michael A. Peters wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

Jim I know that but what I am looking for is an already written paper that covers the use of grub. So far nothing has shown up.


info grub

it has a node that talks about that.

2 Naming convention

The device syntax used in GRUB is a wee bit different from what you may
have seen before in your operating system(s), and you need to know it so
that you can specify a drive/partition.



Your all trying to avoid the truth. As I have already said info grub is a lousy way to learn to USE grub. I tried and failed and so have many others.

What I want is a 15-30 page paper that explains how you use grub. It might point back to info grub for a thing or two but it stands on it's own.

What I have seen to this time is people trying to avoid the question. It is not working.



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