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On Jan 26, 2008, at 8:12 AM, Karl Larsen wrote:

Jacques B. wrote:

Your all trying to avoid the truth. As I have already said info grub is a lousy way to learn to USE grub. I tried and failed and so have many

What I want is a 15-30 page paper that explains how you use grub. It might point back to info grub for a thing or two but it stands on it's own.

   What I have seen to this time is people trying to avoid the
question. It is not working.



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The first one is more detailed.  I suspect neither will be what you
want.  What it tells me is that most people either want the full meal
deal (the 90+ page grub manual), or a short guide (1-2 pages cut to
the chase type of guide).  Or perhaps more accurately those who've
taken the time to write a guide didn't see the need to elaborate much
beyond a few pages. If someone is going to take the time (and has the
desire) to go through a 30 page guide because they want to better
understand grub, then they'll just as likely go through the grub
manual and pick out the 25-50 pages from it that they see as relevant
to their situation or of personal interest. Why write a guide that is 1/3 of the full manual for the very few who find that a 2-3 page guide
is not sufficient but the full guide is too much.

Jacques B.

Thank you. The first URL is what I am looking for. It is written for SUSE and UBUNTO but it is the same grub. And it is just a little too short but it covers all the things I wanted.

  I will put it in my saved things.


You might try this page as well:



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