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Re: Automating backups to an encrypted drive

John Summerfield wrote:
lanas wrote:

  I'd like to automate periodic backups to an encrypted drive.  The
drive is in fact a removable USB drive.  It's fairly easy, if needed,
to write a Perl script that would use expect and feed the password
needed to mount the encrypted drive but, is there any way to prevent
using a plain text password in any kind of script whatsoever ?  I'm
using dm-crypt, but I could change to another encryption mechanism.

I don't understand what you want to do. Can you expand?

I'm not much help in this area but I think the OPs issue is having a script with an embedded password. If the script has to sudo or su to the correct environment to mount the drive and/or perform the backup to a drive with the encryption scheme the password would be in plain text and therefore compromised.

Is there any way in which running this as a user cron job might be useful? Could cron start a job as a user with the proper access rights?

I've said more than I know, I'll bow out now.


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