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Re: Wireless (again)

David Boles wrote:

> | Where is _the_ HCL for Fedora-8?
> | If you know then surely it would be better to give the URL
> | rather than glibly telling people to "consult the HCL".
> |
> | As far as I can see, the HCL you are advising people to consult
> | does not actually exist:
> | "This page does not exist yet".
> | The only reference I could find to "Fedora HCL"
> | said it had not been updated since 2005,
> | which would make it more or less useless, I imagine.
> |
> LinuxQuestions.org
> http://www.linuxquestions.org/hcl/index.php
> Found by entering   Linux hardware compatibility list   in Google. First
> hit on the page. It took about 10 seconds. 

1) I entered "Fedora HCL" since that is what was referred to,
and was told that "this page does not exist yet", as I said.

2) The statement was that there existed a document called "the HCL".
As far as I can see, the document you refer to, while interesting, 
simply claims to be the LinuxQuestions HCL.

3) The statement was that "the HCL" would give you the chipset
of any wireless card.
I checked a random set of 5 cards in the HCL you refer to,
and none of them seemed to reference any chipset.

As far as I can see, there is not a document called "The Linux HCL".
I too googled for "linux hcl" and found a number of different documents
claiming this title.
In any case, I stand by my original complaint
that if people are referring to online documents
they should go to the trouble of giving their URLs.

Timothy Murphy  
e-mail (<80k only): tim /at/ birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
tel: +353-86-2336090, +353-1-2842366
s-mail: School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

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