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Re: Wireless (again)

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
| 1) I entered "Fedora HCL" since that is what was referred to,
| and was told that "this page does not exist yet", as I said.
| 2) The statement was that there existed a document called "the HCL".
| As far as I can see, the document you refer to, while interesting,
| simply claims to be the LinuxQuestions HCL.
| 3) The statement was that "the HCL" would give you the chipset
| of any wireless card.
| I checked a random set of 5 cards in the HCL you refer to,
| and none of them seemed to reference any chipset.
| As far as I can see, there is not a document called "The Linux HCL".
| I too googled for "linux hcl" and found a number of different documents
| claiming this title.
| In any case, I stand by my original complaint
| that if people are referring to online documents
| they should go to the trouble of giving their URLs.

The link I posted shows what hardware is known to work in Linux. And since
Linux is Linux and Fedora is Linux and Linux is *not* Fedora. You do the
math.  ;-)

I did not post this link because there is *no* Fedora HCL. As it says
here. And why. You may notice that they link to the URL that I posted.


With a Google search for   Fedora hardware compatibility   the Fedora Wiki
page referenced above was the first hit BTW.

- --

~  David
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