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Mldonkey hostname ??


I am trying to get mldonkey from livna repo running.  I get the
following warning:
        "]$ mlgui
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 Starting MLDonkey 2.7.6 ... 
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 Language EN, locale UTF-8, ulimit for open
        files 1024
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 MLDonkey is working in /home/bill/.mldonkey
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 [DNS] Resolving [CASE] ...
        Registered protocol IRC
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 Starting MLGui 2.7.6 ... 
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 MLGui is working in /home/bill/.mldonkey
        Use encoding WINDOWS-1252
        Use encoding ISO-8859-15
        Use encoding IBM850
        Use encoding ISO-8859-1
        Use encoding UCS-2
        2008/01/26 15:33:03 [DNS] Resolving [case] ...
        Exception Not_found in gethostbyname
        Exception Failure("inet_addr_of_string") in inet_addr_of_string
        mlgui was unable to find the IP address of the host [case]
        Please, edit the $HOME/.mldonkey/mlgui.ini, and change the
        'hostname' option
        to the correct IP address of the host running mldonkey.
        Fatal error: exception Not_found "

My localhost name is CASE (the name of my computer).  I believe it is
set up correctly; in every other program that asks for my hostname
substituting CASE works.

Regards Bill

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