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Re: Maintaining a local yum repository

macgyver wrote:

When I had two servers running Fedora2 and both my wife and I's
workstation, and my laptop all running FC2 - what I did was get one of
the servers to do an automatic update at say 02:00 - and do not delete
the resultant packages...

The resultant packages were then NFS shared to the rest of the systems
as a background mount.....

The result - when yum ran on the rest of the machines, if it found those
packages already on disk - it didn't re-download them - thus saving
downloading everything 5 times..

Also no problems with keys - as still using the repo ;-)

Ok - didn't stop the download of what needed to be downloaded - but that
traffic was minimal compared to the actual packages.....

Helluva lot better (IMHO) that rsyncing the entire repo  - 'cause you
won't need a vast majority of what that repo has..

Just my 2c

I like that idea.

I could make a script on one machine that looks like this:

yum $*
rsync -vRd /var/cache/yum/*/packages/*rpm /var/www/html/yum

and then use that to either make a local repository, or just copy it to the /var/cache/yum directories on my other machines.

I think that would do what I have in mind.


Derek Tattersall                    tatters newsguy com

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