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Re: Mldonkey hostname ??

William Case wrote:

I am trying to get mldonkey from livna repo running.  I get the
following warning:
        "]$ mlgui
2008/01/26 15:33:02 Starting MLDonkey 2.7.6 ... 2008/01/26 15:33:02 Language EN, locale UTF-8, ulimit for open
        files 1024
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 MLDonkey is working in /home/bill/.mldonkey
        2008/01/26 15:33:02 [DNS] Resolving [CASE] ...
        Registered protocol IRC
2008/01/26 15:33:02 Starting MLGui 2.7.6 ... 2008/01/26 15:33:02 MLGui is working in /home/bill/.mldonkey
        Use encoding WINDOWS-1252
        Use encoding ISO-8859-15
        Use encoding IBM850
        Use encoding ISO-8859-1
        Use encoding UCS-2
        2008/01/26 15:33:03 [DNS] Resolving [case] ...
        Exception Not_found in gethostbyname
        Exception Failure("inet_addr_of_string") in inet_addr_of_string
mlgui was unable to find the IP address of the host [case] Please, edit the $HOME/.mldonkey/mlgui.ini, and change the
        'hostname' option
        to the correct IP address of the host running mldonkey.
        Fatal error: exception Not_found "

My localhost name is CASE (the name of my computer).  I believe it is
set up correctly; in every other program that asks for my hostname
substituting CASE works.

Looking at the error message, it looks like mldonkey is looking for case, not CASE. It is unusual to see an uppercase host name.


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