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Re: set default sound card

John Poelstra wrote:
I am running F8 on x86_64 on a Dell box with an onboard Intel soundcard and speaker + a Soundblaster PCI card.

Whenever I run any apps that use pulseaudio the sound goes to the internal speaker and not the soundblaster. Is there a sensible way to fix this from a GUI? I've seen lots of posts about monkeying with kernel modules and pulseaudio conf settings and wondering if there is simple way?

I've tried disabling the Intel soundcard in system-config-soundcard, but that doesn't do anything.


I don't know what you consider the an easy way. For me, the easy way is to exit /etc/modprobe.conf and swap the index=0 and index=1 to make the Soundblaster the first sound card. (index=0)


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