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Re: Wireless (again)

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
| David Boles wrote:
|> The link I posted shows what hardware is known to work in Linux.
| Useful no doubt, but no answer to the question that was actually raised,
| which was how one could find the chipset in a WiFi device.

The actual chip set numbers? Well since they can change from run to run I
would think that the best way would be to look at the device with a
magnifying glass and write them down.

|> I did not post this link because there is *no* Fedora HCL.
| Which is precisely what I said.
| Well, there actually _is_ a Fedora HCL,
| but it has not been updated since 2005, again as I said.

And they told you why. Because it is redundant and a waste of their time.

Look I don't own a laptop. I don't want to own a laptop. I don't like
laptops. I don't have a WiFi system. I don't want anything to do with
WiFi system. So what does that mean? If you do then *you* need to do a
little research instead of expecting others to do all of the work for you.
The best that I can tell you, from what I read here on this list, is that
Broadcomm sux with Linux unless you want to jump through hoops to get it
to work. Next worst seems to be anything sold by Dell.

I'm done here. Good day.

This is where you get to say the last word)  ;-)
- --

~  David
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