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Re: going from x86 to x64

Scott van Looy wrote:
I have an old server that I've retired, but I need, so I've bought a dual opteron server to replace it. I can take the old drive out and put it in the new server, but is there an easy way I can migrate from x86 to x64 using yum or something? Changing the arch and then downloading a new kernel? Can anyone see any issues with this other than having to carefully clean up the mess of x86 libraries after?

Cleaning up the 386 stuff is the least of your problems, by default the 64-bit install installs 32-bit libraries too.

It sounds like a great learning opportunity to me; don't physically move the drive, just clone it to the opteron and then have at it.

I would try installing the -64 kernel, upgrading to the -64+386 glibc and 64-bit rpm.

When things break, you can probably get in with the -64 rescue cd and "fix it.".



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