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Re: Automating backups to an encrypted drive

Alan Cox wrote:
Simply to leave the backups alone.  The only 'threat' would be that
inadvertently a user could mess with the files on the backup drive.
The backups happens every night and when they're done the drive is
presently automatically unmounted for the day.  Works fine with
unencrypted drives.

You want any backup drive physically removed and unconnected most of the
time or a PSU failure/nearby lightning strike will blow both the original
disk and backup disk to kingdom come at once.

which brings to me the idea of having the backup at a remote site, where it can be mounted all the time and only an encrypted connexion opened.

However you do it, you're going to need either someone physically present or the keys stored some place. I imagine the script could actually read the password/key from a private location.



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